The Levels And Causes Of Workplace Conflict Essay

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Comboh (2014) stated in his research; there may be many levels and causes of workplace conflict. At the individual level: conflicts may be due to personality differences, personal problem, performance, conduct, individual preferences, etc. At organizational level: conflicts may occur because of some management issues or leadership style, task or process conflicts, disagreement on discipline issue, differences in strategy formation, disagreement on the charter of demands, etc.. Awan and Saeed (2015) state conflict among workers in an organization is inevitable. If managed properly, conflict can be a catalyst for change and can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and organization’s performance. According to Abolade and Dupe (2008), the conflict could be viewed as a situation of competition, in which the parties are aware of the incomparability of potential future position in which each party wishes to occupy a position that is incompatible with the wishes of the other. Conflict can also arise because of failure to honor agreed items on collective bargaining. Damachi (1988) emphasizes if workers’ rights and prerogative trampled upon are also the cause of conflict. Management-employee conflicts can occur if management fails to set specific goals, bad performance or work process. In other occurrences, management might deflect or place blame on another individual or department.
In unionized corporate cultures, bargaining has four different levels: (1) collective…

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