The Letters From Emperor Trajan Essay example

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In the letters from Emperor Trajan to Pliny on Christians and in the selection of the Quran it shows that Christianity is corrupt and unfavorable the ideals differ on how Christianity is dealt with, they both stem from laws and rules set by their societies.
In the letters that were passed between the two Roman men the discussion is on how the people of the Roman empire were being asked if they claimed Christianity or they followed the gods should be treated or tried. Pliny was unsure how to deal with those whom he asked if they followed Christianity which would mean he would send them into execution or to Rome for trial. The Roman people did not follow the teachings of Christ however, they followed they polytheistic gods and they would sacrifice as well to their gods. He was writing because he was needing advice to handle those people who continually claim to be Christian and he did not agree with the cultish activity that was associated the people of the Christian faith. The people who claimed to be Christian or were accused of being Christians would have their names on a list which was sent back to Rome. Pliny was told by his leader “They must not be hunted out” (Ward, 136). This makes the whole process on how to deal with the Christians simpler, “If they were declared Christians they would be executed, and if they deny they are a Christian they will be pardoned no matter however his past suspect may be.” (Ward, 136). The ultimate goal of the Roman government was to…

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