The Letter Of The Romans Essay

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The letter to the Romans was written by Paul in order to address and clarify his theology. Paul wanted the Romans to have a clear understanding of his Gospel which was from God. The Letter was written around fifty five and fifty eight AD (Gorman 340). Around this time it was believed that Claudius expelled the Jews because of their fighting regarding “Chrestus” a debate about the Messiah (Gorman 340). With the Jews gone the Gentiles took over the Roman church and advanced their leadership skills, mission and theology. The above event emerged conflict between the Jews and Gentiles when the Jews returned upon Claudius death. Paul hoped that his theology would help them reconcile and help them serve others by providing financial support for those who needed it.
Romans 1:1-17 Paul’s letter begins with him giving thanks to the Roman church and expressing his prayers and desires to visit them (Gorman 348). Paul introduces himself as the server of God who was called by him to be an Apostle and to share the Gospel of the Messiah. Paul identifies Jesus Christ as the descendant of David in flesh and the one granted the power of God according to the Holy Spirit by the resurrection from the death. He also mentions that because Jesus Christ is granted the power of God he is our lord. Paul mentions that the life event that Jesus endured is the reason why the Gentiles, Romans and everyone in Christ will receive grace and Apostleship. He gladly announces that he stands by the gospel since…

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