The Letter Of Recommendation As A Job That Person Desires Essay

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Today, many people apply to top, elite colleges or for a job that person desires. The applications come in and many of them hold the same accolades as many others. Colleges and business henceforth needed a way to choose from their top applicants, and thus the letter of recommendation became included in the application process. The addition of the letter of recommendation decreased the emphasis on the merit of the applicant dramatically. The application process became more about who the applicant knows rather than what the applicant has done. The process of the letter of recommendation is similar to the theory of name recognition. Money also holds a key role in the less meritocratic system of today, because money provides a way to make an applicant do better on an entrance exam, which the system today is based around. The meritocratic system described by Michael Young in his book, The Rise of the Meritocracy, has reached the point feared by Young where merit can be passed over by corrupt and monetary loopholes around the system.
The letter of recommendation method used by colleges and business to find the right applicant works well for members of the upper class, not lower and middle class citizens. Upper class applicants choose members of their class to write letters making them the top candidate out of a list of candidates with similar merits. Sometimes the letters create a loophole for upper class citizens who choose a very elite person to write recommendation…

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