The Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay examples

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The Letter From Birmingham Jail We all are very familiar with who Martin Luther King Jr. is and what he did to end racism for all diversity. He is a hero, who commits an act of remarkably bravery and respected as an admirable freedom fighter with a great courage and strength character. The Letter from Birmingham Jail was written by Martin Luther King Jr. from a solitary confinement cell in Birmingham, Alabama. King was arrested for participating in a peaceful anti-segregation march. The march go back to the segregation laws and policies were play in the role of the Jim Crow system of separate schools, restaurants, and bathrooms for blacks and whites that existed far beyond the slavery era. Martin Luther King Jr. disproves the assumptions that people believe racism is acceptable, by comparing the mistreatment of blacks to the inhumane treatment from the jews by hitler.
King uses his logic as a method to bypass racial boundaries and ideas that allows him to get his point across the audiences without them putting off his letter as just another attempt for equality. He influences his audiences with his knowledge while he gains a significant amount of respect for his words and ideas. His heroic actions were acted on the four basic steps from the nonviolent campaign that determine whether injustices are alive. These steps are negotiation, self- purification, and direct action. However, none of these steps were occurred in the city of Birmingham. He counters…

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