The Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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In the “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” King addresses racial discrimination but more specifically he also speaks about tolerance. He conveys countless of times when blacks were told to “wait.” But at the end, they were left with no solution and nowhere to go. King addresses the idea that action needs to be taken once you have identified the problem because waiting would not solve the issue. He took action for the black community to prevent oppression from continuing, after he realized that there was a problem. Williams in “Clan Of One Breasted Women” also addresses this issue but she conveys it through personal experiences. Williams was expected to blame genetics for the chain of breast cancer in her family but she exposed the government for endangering the lives of her family and her community. William recognized that there was a problem when all her family members started dying because of breast cancer. Once she identified this problem, she, like King took action. Despite having Mormon beliefs, she went against her own religion to blame the government for the lack of action. Both show how there is a limit to how much one can hold within. Similarly to King, William identified the problem in her community, and she took action. No matter the breaking point, once you have identified for yourself that something is wrong, you need to take action. I agree with both of the authors about their view
In “Letter From Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King Jr. speaks out about how much…

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