The Letter From Birmingham Jail Essays

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1. What is the name of your source and when was it produced?
The Letter from Birmingham Jail. It was produced by Martin Luther King, Jr. in August of 1963.

2. Who was the author/creator of this document and how are they related to the event they are talking about?
Martin Luther King. Jr wrote the “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” in 1963. He was arrested for a peaceful protest march against segregation. King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a black Baptist preacher and the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He was a man involved in the Christian movement that stood for human rights. He was known for his leadership association for the Civil Rights Movement.

King was in Birmingham, because of the injustices that were going on at that time. He compared himself to the Apostle Paul. Saying that he too was compiled to take the gospel of freedom be on his hometown. He wrote about not just sitting by and allowing theses injustices to go on. He wanted to make the citizens aware of the unjust behaviors of the black people. He believe that if we allowed the injustice to happen anywhere, that it’s a threat everywhere.

2. How credible is the author on their subject and what are some potential biases they may have had? Martin Luther King Jr is very credible on the subject of the civil rights movement. He graduated from Morehouse College, one of six black men out of many scholars, and was president of his class. He got his…

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