The Letter From A Birmingham Jail Essay

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Martin Luther King, father of justice and freedom. People saw him as the glowing light in the dark of their bright future. That’s how much King meant to the people. He created faith and hope in people’s mind. Because he believed without self-hope, we are just like animals preying on others for the hunger of justice. In the Letter from a Birmingham Jail, King writes to the Clergyman due to their calling of King’s actions “unwise and untimely”. King exquisitely expresses with emotional examples and vocabulary structure by talking about moralities, fairness, and inequality. He explains there has to be tremendous thought in methods and actions before acted upon. He enlightened on why the protection of people’s rights were essential. He encourages eagerly on one’s stance towards owns principles of good, even if it is looked down upon at the time. Kings alteration of just laws is true. Justice is having ones doing and/or gaining good deed and fairness without hurting anyone else. In King’s letter, he defines and clears in terms of what the clergy has done was not precise by pointing out the many events that had occurred and how they just stood on the edge and observed. King repetitively stated he was there in Birmingham because of the injustice that was put upon him and his fellow people. King also itemized out the four basic steps towards a successful nonviolent campaign which are the collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist, negotiation, self-…

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