The Lesson Discussed Change And Learning Essay

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Change is enviable. Seasons change everyday life changes, and individual’s change from babies to adult’s adaption happens life goes on. The lesson discussed change and learning. Learning is a change in behavior due to experience. Experiences and environment shape a person’s behavior. Whatever being taught or what a person sees in their environment shapes beliefs. Also, to measure changes in behavior, there must be a measurement of learning. For example, learning French is a new experience. The skills covered in the lesson help familiarity of the words. The beginning of learning a new language is difficult because of all the errors being made. Practice helps with becoming more aware of words with fewer errors, and helps with fluency of the language. Moreover, practice makes perfect the more skills accomplished the more fluent a person will become. The French lesson focused on pronouns, nouns, and learning the basic words for conversational intentions.

Pavlov Conditioning deals with conditional stimulus and reflexes as well as unconditioned stimulus. The lesson shows how the conditional stimulus and unconditional stimulus are paired. The points to see if a conditional stimulus being paired with an unconditional stimulus can create a conditional response. The other technique is to see if a conditioned stimulus happened alone would a conditioned response happen. To test the conditioning probably there are a lot of different variables that have to be measured. There are…

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