The Leisure Motivations Of Leisure Activities Essay

1280 Words Nov 17th, 2015 6 Pages
Having the opportunity and the courage to experience satisfying leisure activities is essential in our lives. Every single human has a unique personality that can explain why they behave in a certain way and what are the underlying causes of their choice of activities in their leisure time. However, the specific reasons of why we choose certain leisure activities can be better understood by uncovering our personal leisure motivations. The Leisure Motivations Assessment described my personal motivations to participate in specific leisure activities that contribute to my life satisfaction and happiness. At the same time, after participating in the rope course experience I was able to re take this assessment to compare and contrast my post-assessment expectations with my pre-experience expectations. Overall, the rope course experience have a variety of benefits for our own personal growth and I will recommended it to other supervisors to do it for their classes, but I will mention some possible concerns before they decided to do it,
The Leisure Motivations Assessment shows my motivations for engaging in activities during my free time. Leisure Motivations Assessment indicated that social factors are important leisure motivations in my life. Since, developing close relationships with others is essential in my life to be happy and mentally healthy. I usually plan leisure activities to spend time with my family and friends. Meeting new people and learning from them is mentally…

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