The Legislative Branch Of The Federal Government Is Constitutionally Responsible For The Drafting And Passing Of Our Nation 's

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Acclaiming trust, support, and connections within a community is a vital stage for a citizen wanting to represent a district in Congress. Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government is constitutionally responsible for the drafting and passing of our nation’s laws and practices. The Congressional body consist of two divisions: the House of Representatives and the Senate; the 535 members collaboratively draft, pass, and evaluate policies that have shaped history and will continue to shape the future (English). Though the responsibilities of a Congressman is extensive, keeping the focus of their community’s future and stability is highly imperative. To be a member of such an impactful branch of our government requires, along with age and citizenship, the adaptability between home style and hill style representation. Our nation’s government is structured on a representative democracy- a democracy in which citizens elect members of their district to speak and act on their behalf. Often, Congressman and Congresswoman are referred to as “liaisons” between their representing district and Capitol Hill. Whether they are home in their district, or fulfilling their duties on the Hill, they must make decisions based on the interest of their constituents (Browne). Home Style representation, according to Sinclair, is the way a representative acts when he or she is home in their community; while Hill Style refers to the “Congressman” fulfilling campaign promises.
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