Essay about The Legislation Of The Grassley Cruz Legislation

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Grassley Cruz Legislation
The Grassley Cruz Legislation is a bill that aims to achieve a variety of gun control issues in order to allow for greater safety from guns. The attempt to better gun safety is to first increase resources and tools for prosecuting criminals of these crimes. It is able to achieve this be criminalizing straw purchases of weapons along with adding additional penalties and qualifications for trafficking guns. The bill also aims to increase school safety. It does this by providing grants that will increase resources for schools to add security in order to help protect schools, this will be provided in the Secure Our school grants. The Bill additionally aims to address the issue of the mentally ill acquiring guns. First, it will give states incentives to provide mental health records to a federal database. It will also clarify what information is necessary and penalties will be imposed on upon states who fail to agree with this. This will increase the knowledge of people who are of mental disorders, who will not be sold guns, in order to protect them from others and themselves. Finally, it does not attempt to undermine the second amendment and includes a variety of pro-gun provisions. It does this by allowing for interstate firearms sales among licensed sellers, and also giving firearms dealers to perform background check on their own employees. In order, to make sure that a convicted felon is not selling firearms.
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