The Legislation Of The 114th Congress Essay

800 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Today, I presented legislation to the 114th Congress. I proposed “H.R. 6312,” better known as “the 10-20-30 Act of 2016.” This bill is set out to offer an increase allocation of funds from federal government departments to tackle continuous poverty in counties. This bill targeted departments that affected the ways of life of people, such as: The Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Transportation, and Housing and Urban development were all included. Those government agencies are to allocate 10% of their federal budget to counties that have had 20% of its population well below the poverty line for 30 years. Under this bill, continuous poverty is defined as having 20% of its population that are living under the poverty line. To determine the rate of poverty, one will take the average of the data retrieved from both the census in 2000-2010 and the Bureau of the Census’s Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates for the most recent year. This bill requires no additional funding by the federal government because all funds received by these persistent poverty counties is coming straight from the budgets of the federal departments mentioned previously. In 2009, Congressman James Clyburn introduced the 10-20-30 amendment in the Recovery Act’s Rural Development section of the Department Agriculture, which took ten percent of their budget and placed it into counties that have seen twenty percent of their population below poverty for thirty years. and so far…

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