The Legislation And Statutory Requirements Essay

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A duty of care is a legal obligation of adults to act in a way that promotes the best interest of the children and keeps them safe from harm. It also includes the obligation to do nothing that might harm the children. In every setting there is set policies and procedures which all staff must follow. These are written to help adults protect children and promote their welfare, however they must stick with the legislation and statutory requirements. According to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 and the BTEC National Children’s play, learning and development, as a duty of care staff must; provide an environment where children can grow and learn (Build positive relationships with children and their families, Know the policies and procedures of the setting and the legislation that governs them), keep children safe and secure (Undertake regular training in child protection and providing support to children who have been abused), promote good health (Recognise the factors that may increase the risk of harm to a child, recognise changes in a child’s behaviour and/or signs that a child may have been abused.), ensure to take steps when there are concerns about a child safety and welfare (Take appropriate action when there are concerns that a child has been abused). When dealing with Child G I would speak to other members of staff and record observations of the child’s behaviour and eating patterns, if I felt there was a serious concern I would speak…

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