The Legend of the Minotaur Essay

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He was arrogant and had strong bias opinions- he rarely admitted he was wrong, even in the face of evidence. An archaeologist less single-minded may not have made this discovery, because it was his intense and romantic passion for the myths of the ancient world that drove him to excavate in Crete.


However, before Evans started his adventure in Crete, the first to excavate at Knossos was a Herakleion merchant and antiquarian by the name of Minos Kalokairinos, who in 1878, discovered foundations of store room with large pithos jars. Also, a portion of the foundations also dug up by Kalokairinos was later identified as the Throne Room.

Evans was not an experienced archaeologist but, as the son of prehistory John Evans, he knew the importance of controlled excavation and careful recording. However, he was happy to make assumptions about his site, giving rooms in the place names such as the Queen's megarons ("throne room") without any real archaeological evidence to support his claim. Evans discovered the earliest literate society in Europe, and gave a name to early Cretan civilization -- Minoan after the legendary King Minos.

20 years after the area investigated by Kalokairinos, Evans immediately came upon the remains of what he described as the “Throne Room of Minos”. Walls with painted frescoes
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