The Legend Of The Iliad And The Odyssey Essay examples

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I decided to go with the legend of the iliad and the odyssey. It sounds so fake right? Wrong! Well somewhat wrong. Archaeologists in Greece have claimed to have found odysseus 's home in modern day Ithaki. The location "fits like a glove" nearly matching homer 's description. "The layout of the complex, where Professor Thanassis Papadopoulos and his team have been digging for 16 years, is very similar to palaces discovered at Mycenae, Pylos and other ancient sites." This claim however created too much skepticism. Some claim that homers home is not on modern day Ithaki. Some claim that it is on the Paliki peninsula. Although Ithaca was an island they claim Paliki Peninsula is Ithaca. They claim this to be true because the Paliki Peninsula was once an island but has since been connected to Cephalonia. They claim it was connected by rock slides created by earthquakes.

Many things inside the story are claimed to be true. Such as all of the mortal characters, the fact that odysseus was shipwrecked twice, and the fact that he returned home to slaughter all of penelope 's suitors. However other components in the story such as the Cyclops, Zeus, the Sirens, and the witch are purely fiction. Although historians know stuff like the the cyclops and circe were surely fictional (Although Circe 's island is believed to be real). Characters like Odysseus are thought to be real or based off a real person. Even Though he was called Ulysses many still believe he was fictional. As stated by…

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