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Headless horseman

Most of us know about the horseman who carries around a jackolantern, and who has no head and searches for one to replace his missing one (Hendricks 1). Well you may not know about that at all and you may be going “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The Headless horseman has been a legend that has been around for many years and has had many appearances in our modern culture today. This essay will explore the legend of the Headless horseman.

To start with, let's look at the actual legend itself. The Headless horseman was a trooper whose head had been carried off by a cannonball in some battle during the Revolutionary War (Hendricks 1). Now he gallops around around on his horse, in a town looking for his missing head or for someone else’s as a replacement. It is said to happen every night in this town called Sleepy Hollow (Hendricks 1). Ichabod Crane, is the main character in the story, “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, he was a teacher who was coming to the town, and he is portrayed as an
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To start off the area Sleepy Hollow is actually a real place that is now an attraction (Legend 1). The original Elizabeth Van Tassel house was located which is now the northeast corner of Hamilton Place and North Broadway in Tarrytown (Legend 2). Van Tassel was one of the main characters in the book Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The landmark Condominium building is on the site that was the Washington Irving High School until the 1920’s (Legend 2). Washington Irving was the author of the book Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The marshy area where Ichabod first saw the horseman has been drained for some years, but the stream still flows through a park that goes by Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (Legend 3). Now the Sleepy Hollow of legend is the valley of the Pocantico River, which is a small stream that flows into the Hudson river (Legend

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