The Legend Of Nanga Baiga Essay

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The Baiga is a tribe found in central and eastern India. Despite being in the center of the country, the people of this ethnic group have managed to hold on to many of their traditional ways of living. They do not have much knowledge of natural or scientific causes for events, instead relying on magic for an explanation. The Baiga believe that they descend from a great magician called Nanga Baiga. The legend of Nanga Baiga states that his right shoulder was the source of white magic and contained red blood; his left was the source of black magic and contained black blood. The black magicians of the ancient times drank from the left shoulder and Nanga Baiga’s youngest son drank from his father’s right shoulder and became a great white magician (Gangwar).. The Baiga religion has not been highly affected by Hinduism, though Hinduism has distanced many Baiga from their traditional beliefs. They frequently celebrate Hindu festivals (Sharma). Though they celebrate the Hindu festivals, they do not practice Hindu rites, instead practicing their own festivals during these observances. Some Hindu deities have made their way into the Baiga tradition, but the Baiga gods remain most important (Page).
Baiga gods are not supreme lords like the Christian and Islamic god. Each god has a power and designation that is inseparable from the role of the god. The principal deities include Bada Dev, Narayan Dev, Thakur Dev, Dharti Mata, Bhimsen, Ghansam Dev, Nanga Baiga, and Nangi Baiga. There are…

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