The Legalization Of Marijuana And Marijuana Essay

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California California was the forerunner of all the individual states in the United States in legalizing the medical use of marijuana with the passage of Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Use Act of 1996.” Since then, twenty-three individual states, and the District of Columbia, that have followed California 's lead in passing medical marijuana laws. However, to date, none are as liberal as those found in California. The passage of Proposition 215 and the legalization of marijuana as medicine in California was the direct results of grassroots activism, led by a few determined key players including Dennis Pernon, co-author and best-known promoter of Proposition 215; Dale Gieringer, state coordinator of California 's National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) since 1987; and Assemblyman Bonita, lead author of Assembly Bill 226. Due to the continued federal prohibition of marijuana, and the absence of progress on the federal front, strategists and advocates for the legalization of marijuana as medicine in California took to campaigning for local and state-level initiatives to loosen restrictions on growing, distributing, and using the marijuana as medicine. These activists utilized tactics such as petitions, ballot initiatives, lobbying, class action law suits, civil disobedience, protests, and referendum in their quest to pass medical marijuana legislation. In 2004, Senate Bill 420 was passed to further define California 's medical marijuana policies…

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