The Legalization Of Gay Marriage Essay

734 Words Nov 20th, 2015 3 Pages
In our evolving country today, gay rights activists have recently achieved the legalization of gay marriage. The LGBT community has seen major progression throughout the years. But, many of us living in this society today don’t know what being a transgender means. To clarify what this term is defined as, transgender means that the individual was assigned a sex at birth, but their identity does not match the attached sex. For example, a child may have been born as a female, however, based on the personality and characteristics they may identify themselves as a male. In addition, this situation can also be reversed. Transgender is interpreted as going across or beyond the assigned sex at birth. In class recently we were able to see a film called, “The T-Word” hosted by Laverne Cox. It showed the lives of many young transgender individuals in our society today. Before viewing this film I did not know what being a transgender meant furthermore, I believe I was less comfortable with this act. This documentary showed the journey in which these people had to find their own identity and each one was different. One example was Ari who is 18 years old and living in New York City. Ari was born as a female but identified as a male. From his childhood, he always knew he was a boy and mostly hung out with them. The story that really caught my eye was about Zoey who was 12 years old and living in the Los Angeles area. She was 2 years old when her mother recognized that she was…

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