The Legalization Of Cannabis

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Here 's a fun fact, did you know, most of us being 17 year-old students, one in seven of us has admitted to using cannabis in our lifetime?

Statistics collected by the Victorian Government’s Department of Health in a survey found that seven percent of people our age disclosed to having used cannabis in the past month and four percent in the past week.

For those of you who are unaware of what cannabis, commonly referred to as marijuana, pot, dope, and so on, actually is, it’s a flowering plant which, when smoked or consumed, slows down the messages travelling between your brain and your body, thanks to the key psychoactive agent, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

There are three key arguments surrounding the legalization of marijuana.

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Why you may ask? Currently, there is no regulated and standardised source of cannabis for medicinal use.

Cannabis can help children suffering from severe epilepsy and adults suffering from constant overwhelming pain ruining their quality of life as a result of diseases such as cancer, HIV AIDS, and multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, at present, many patients have to resort to illegal sources for cannabis’ numerous health benefits. The parents of Cooper Wallace for example, a four-year-old boy from Mernda, Victoria, suffering from epilepsy, have surrendered to illegally sourcing cannabis to relieve his symptoms. His mother explains “if you saw him before he was wasting away… he couldn’t move, he couldn’t eat or drink… he [is] doing all of that now”, thanks to the use of cannabis.

Employing medicinal marijuana would protect innocent families from the risk of depending on illegal dealers and potential sanctions. If it’s made legal by the government, access is guaranteed with available drugs being regulated for quality and
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They elaborate that it provides a sense of euphoria or a high, combined with feeling relaxed, decreased alertness and suppression of anxiety and increased sociability.

However, very few countries, including our own, have fully legalised recreational cannabis, even though a UN report states that it’s the most widely used illicit drug in Australia, and indeed the world.

Meanwhile, in a state not too different from our own, in 2009 Colorado became one of the very few places which has taken the leap and legalised the use of marijuana.

Since then, as a result, the social atmosphere and economy of the state has thrived. With few repercussions, the legalisation of Cannabis has contributed $700 million to the Colorado economy according to the Governor John Hickenlooper.

Additionally it has created hundreds of jobs, increased tourism, industry and population. The Colorado government intends to use the money it has saved to create beneficial public education and health services.

Socially, the legalisation of marijuana for recreational purposes means all those who’ve acquired a criminal record thanks to unnecessary drug charges for possession won’t fall victims to being denied jobs and entry to certain countries due to of the stigma surrounding the

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