The Legalization Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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The topic of suicide is often a difficult subject for many people to discuss openly. However complicated this may appear it becomes even more complex when you add assisted suicide to this discussion. There are many supporters of assisted suicide as well as numerous others who are adamantly against it. For these reasons this topic is quite difficult since there are strong arguments for both sides.
Assisted suicide is a method where a doctor prescribes a fatal dose of medication for a patient to administer to themselves. In the United States there are four states where assisted suicide is legal, these states are New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Since, more states are discussing this topic openly and bringing it into the public eye it seems that people’s opinions about assisted suicide are rapidly shifting towards public approval. It appears that society as a whole is beginning to accept this method since they are now able to understand why some people choose this alternative method.
As for my opinion regarding the legalization of assisted suicide in New York I believe it must only be used on a case-by-case basis since this method can easily become a form of euthanasia and therefore it needs to be strictly regulated. I agree in some cases it is completely acceptable for someone to seek this service. Although it should only be done if they are in fact terminal and wanting to avoid a prolonged agonizing death much like the man in this video. However, I feel only…

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