Essay on The Legal System Of Greece And The Country Of Kazakhstan

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The legal system of various countries relies upon the legal structure and legal traditions that have been recognized within that countries justice system. There is an historical attribute to many justice systems but many countries tend to navigate towards a modern way of operating. The customs and traditions these countries are accustomed to have evolved to address modern situations and therefore we will analyze the legal system of Greece and the country of Kazakhstan.
Based on information about the government of Greece, its governance is a centralized state where the earlier system of government was established by the Turkish administration (Lambropoulou, 2005). After the Turkish administration was devolved, those within Greece saw this as an opportunity to build a stronger, more reinforced government structure. The country of Greece is divided into thirteen regional districts and 51 prefectures (Lambropoulou, 2005).
The Greek parliament is a unicameral and has 300 seats where its members are elected by popular vote and each member serves a four (4) year term. The pillars of the criminal justice system are derived from the constitution, the Penal Code, and the Penal Procedure Code (Lambropoulou, 2005). The new constitution was amended in April of 2001 after the restoration of democracy in June of 1976 (reference).
The judiciary courts in Greece are divided into three (3) sections which are civil, criminal, and administrative courts. The highest judicial authorities…

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