The Legal System Corruption By Robert Downey Jr. Essay

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In 1996 Robert downey Jr. was caught was arrested while “driving naked in his Porsche on Sunset Boulevard, and found not only to be without clothes, but in possession of cocaine, heroin and a .357 Magnum.” (Sturniolo, 2014) Instead of going to jail for five plus years like any ordinary citizen, “his sentence had been suspended and he was placed on probation.” (Sturniolo, 2014) This was all because he was in the middle of a filming a movie. Do you believe that someone that is an allegedly a drug addict can just be put on probation because they 're famous. But ordinary citizen are convicted and not given probation till after their sentence. As you can see there are issue with our legal system. But the only way to fix this issue is to solve our legal system corruption, influence from the media and in general special treatment of the famous and rich. Firstly, our legal system has many issue. As seen in movies, books, and actual accounts of bribery and favoritism. One of these examples being a court case about Judge Abel Limas. According to the conclusion of the trial:
“Limas admitted his part in use of the office of judge of the 404th District Court as a criminal enterprise to enrich himself and others through extortion. Limas accepted money and other consideration from attorneys in civil cases pending in his court in return for favorable pre-trial rulings in certain cases, including a case involving a helicopter crash at South Padre Island in February 2008. Limas…

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