Essay on The Legal Suicide Of Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Legal suicide Should individuals who are suffering with challenges of depression or the diagnosis of a terminal illness be allowed doctor assisted suicide?
The right to die should be available to those who are in serious pain and beyond the help of Doctors, Also people who have been diagnosed with terminal diseases such as cancer; some doctors even say people with serve depression should have to the right to doctor assisted suicide. People have always questioned if it’s morally okay to even allow people to choose when they can die which is why major religious groups are against the idea of doctor assisted suicide mainly because they believe God has a certain time for you to go and you shouldn’t go against what he has planned for you.
‘Is life sacrosanct, something bestowed upon by god and hence, as the argument goes, neither the individuals nor the state’s to take? Or is it the duty of the state to decide an exceptional circumstance, for instance, when individuals in a vegetative state, under which life can be ended? Could it be that the right already exists with all individuals, not to be conferred upon by the state on rare occasions but something every individual is born with? The right to life by extension also means the right to stop living, making the right to die an essential fundamental right? ’ For many years people everywhere have struggled with the idea of Doctor Assisted Suicide. The economist asked IPSOS MORI to…

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