The Legal Struggle Of Jack Phillips Essay example

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The purpose of a business is to provide goods/services to consumers in order to make a profit. The article discusses the legal struggle of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Lakewood, Colorado bakery, his stance on same-sex marriage and the effects on his business.
Mr. Phillips was requested by Charlie Craig and David Mullins (a same-sex couple) to bake a wedding cake for them. According to Mr. Phillips, who is a born-again Christian, he cannot and will not design desserts for same-sex weddings. Mr. Phillips cites his Christian beliefs in that it would be a violation and rebellion again God to do so. His beliefs are that the Bible’s definition of marriage is clear and that it does not include marriage of same-sex couples.
Craig and Mullins filed a civil rights complaint and won. The ruling will require Phillips to serve same-sex couples, retrain his staff as it relates to accommodating all customers and file quarterly reports for two years. Rather than comply, he will simply not make any wedding cakes. This has caused a substantial drop is his revenues (Wolf, 2015).
While the article focuses mainly on the religious aspect of Mr. Phillips’ refusal to promote same-sex marriage by designing and providing wedding cakes, there is also an argument of discrimination that must be addressed. As a business owner, licensed and operating in the State of Colorado, refusing to provide a service to same-sex couples, Mr. Phillips is in violation of Colorado state statute…

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