The Legal Separation Of Divorce Essay

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What is divorce, you ask? In the view point of a lawyer, the term divorce is a case where a couple legally separates from their marriage by going to court. This may even just be seen as another task to roll in the cash for a lawyer. To the two people getting a divorce, this legal separation is often a last resort after years of fighting or a lost connection. It may be the next step to freedom. Although divorce may seem as a neutral conflict that has a clear intent, this conflict is never clear in the mind of a child.
Divorce is being told to go to bed or to go outside to play whenever voices are raised. Divorce is sneaking around corners and tiptoeing down the steps to hear what your parents are fighting about. Divorce rips families apart and divides them into new households, which does not end the constant fighting and bickering. The only change after divorce is instead of face to face fighting, parents use their child as the messenger. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger?” In this instance, “shooting” is actually false anger towards the child, which often leads to frustration and blame in the child. Divorce is similar to a disease in the way that it spreads from the root, the parents, to surrounding matter, the child.
When I was about 6 years old, I began to notice my parents were not always getting along. In the beginning, I thought nothing of it, even when my dad moved out and lived with a friend I thought he was just having a sleepover with his…

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