Essay about The Legal Limit For Marijuana

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1. What is a D.U.I.?
Driving under the influence, D.U.I., also known as driving while intoxicated(DWI) , drunken driving (alcohol related) or impaired driving, is a crime of driving a car or other vehicles while impaired by alcohol or other drugs to a level it affects the ability of the driver to operate the care or vehicle safely.

2. What is the legal limit for marijuana D.U.I.?
Most states in the United States have no limit for D.U.I. a minimal amount of marijuana in a system gets you, the driver, a charge for D.U.I. However, some states like Colorado and Washington have a limit of 5nanogram of THC per milliliter of blood, which is an equivalent of 0.08% of blood alcohol level, as the legal limit.

3. Is marijuana D.U.I. in some states legal?
In Colorado for example, if you have below 5nanogram of THC per milliliter of blood, it is very legal. Other states do not tolerate marijuana D.U.I.s.

4. What are the symptoms law enforcement officers look for to detect marijuana D.U.I.?
Law enforcement officers look out for a rapid heartbeat, red eyes, marijuana breath, dilated pupils, dry mouth and so on.
5. Does marijuana impair my driving abilities?
YES it does. THC released into your blood system after using marijuana, impedes sensory perception and brain function.

6. How does marijuana affect my ability to drive safely?

Using marijuana affects your response or reaction time, perception of distance and time, hand-eye coordination, concentration and memory…

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