The Legal Implications Of Abortion

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In the United States abortion has increasingly become a controversy that has created a political, social, and religious division. Society has constantly changes views on whether abortion is a moral or immoral act; the word fetus has derived from Latin origins meaning young one, only when the fetus has the ability to live outside of the womb would be then be called a baby. Abortion has been defined in various ways one of which is a surgical abortion which by its name is where surgery is conducted using instruments to cut the fetus into pieces and then using a vacuum pump to remove the limbs, or scraping the ligaments out of the mothers womb. Or a medical abortion will be used which in this case it’s a procedure where a poison is applied and …show more content…
Abortion has been a questionable practice but to the Pro- Choice advocates abortion is seen as a reasonable acts where in case the mother’s life is in impediment harm. ”There is sufficient uncertainty around the legal implications of such a life (and subsequent death) that some medical professionals are concerned that their actions could be interpreted as criminal. (Ruth) “ During recent years where practices have barely started up and abortion has become a question of inhumane or seen as a civil right, riots have grown to be more violent where clinics have been set on fire, death threats have been made and carried out. A major component in this debate had been at what stage in the pregnancy is the fetus seen to be alive, whether it is when in has a heart beat, when the lungs are developed, or even when the fetuses brain has developed far enough that brain waves can be detected. Some states have recognized the idea of having a law that can protect mother and child, as a questionable act of what has been a viable age to recognize the fetus as living, for example is a pregnant women had been involved in an accident involving a drunk driver, is it reasonable for the courts to prosecute the driver with not only one charge of homicide but to add another account for the death of the fetus. "As this child was of a viable age, I personally consider this a homicide, subject to possible prosecution under Louisiana 's feticide law” (Durret) In certain states the courts have created the law know as the feticide law, the only active law that has been in place to give the voiceless a voice. States such as New York doesn’t not recognize the feticide law until the third semester where the baby as been developed and can

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