The Legal Drinking Age in the United States Essay

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The Legal Drinking Age in the United States

The legal drinking age in the United States has been an ongoing issue for many years.

Some believe it should be lowered to eighteen, as it was prior to The National Minimum

Drinking Age Act that was passed on July 17th, 1984, and some believe it should stay at

twenty­one. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act made it impossible or persons under the

age of twenty­one to purchase alcohol. This Act did not ban those under the age to consume

alcohol. There were only seven states, along with Washington D.C.; that put a complete ban on

alcohol to be bought or consumed under twenty­one. Those other six states are Alabama,

Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and
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That is a right that we have as

United States citizens. If we have that choice at eighteen, to harm our bodies in that type of way,

why can’t we consume alcohol? A lot of people think that if one is under twenty­one then he or

she will think it should be lowered and if they are over twenty­one and a bit wiser than they think

it should stay where it is. This could be true, but the majority of the underaged people in this

country are going to continue to drink whether the law is lowered or not. Some may get caught

and learn their lesson, but the smart ones often times find a way around it. It is an issue this

country will never diminish.

The last sentence in that last paragraph somewhat ties into this next point, lowering the

risk of underage drinking. No matter what the “legal” age is, there will always be kids who will

drink. Let's say it is lowered to eighteen; we will still have kids seventeen and under who will

find a way to consume alcohol. With it being lowered to eighteen, that just cuts out three years of

someone's life where they are not putting themselves at risk with the law. Listen to this statistic,

“According to a recent survey, three­fourths of all 12th graders, over two­thirds of 10th graders

and nearly two in every five eighth graders have consumed alcohol.” Those numbers prove my

point. That is

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