Essay The Legal Drinking Age Should Remain At Age

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Overuse of alcohol is becoming a serious problem across the United States of America. Drinking is typically considered a problem if it is not being done responsibly or in moderation. Teenagers that choose to drink illegally often drink as much as they can hold, which can result in alcohol poisoning and memory deterioration. Teenagers do not drink in moderation; as a result, they drink much more than they can handle just to be “cool” in front of their friends. Drinking can be a problem in all age groups, but the worst problems arise in the younger generation. Teenagers that are drinking are not only harming themselves but also those around them. Lowering the drinking age would cause a significant increase in school dropouts and even deaths. Teenagers do not think about how actions might affect them for the rest of their life; therefore, teenagers need a few extra years in order to mature and become more responsible with alcohol. The legal drinking age should remain at age twenty-one because students need to focus more on education, because there would be fewer teenagers driving under the influence involved in traffic accidents, and because most people who become alcoholics started drinking at a young age. College students and college life are both often stereotyped because college students are usually viewed as “party animals;” however, most college students are under the legal drinking age when starting college. Students are choosing to drink under the legal age;…

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