The Legal Drinking Age Should Drastically Essay

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I read a quote online recently, and it quoted “Underage drinking doesn’t start with a drink, it starts with an excuse.” I can understand that adults may feel this way, but doesn’t it start off the same with them? Underage drinking doesn’t have to have an alibi. The legal drinking age should considerably be lowered to 18. At 18 years of age, a United States citizen is considered to be an adult, so why not act as one? Lowering the age of drinking will eliminate a lot of unmonitored drinking behavior in college students, and the lower death rate from alcohol. Maybe the government should reconsider.
At the age of 18 citizens are responsible for themselves, and make their own decisions. Accepting such responsibilities like getting a marriage license, being qualified to vote, enroll into the U.S. Military , pay state taxes, and owning their own home, and vehicle. These are the responsibilities of an adult in the United States of America. Not to mention if a criminal act is committed, and 18-year old would be trialed as an adult. If they are to be treated, respected, and penalized as adults they should be able to make all decisions regarding their body and what it consumes. Alcohol, being one of them, but what makes being able to purchase tobacco any less dangerous than purchasing alcohol?
Lowering the drinking age under 21 can be medically irresponsible for many young adults. Many young adults that drink any type of alcohol can interfere with that person 's brain. Young adults…

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