Essay On Abortion Propaganda

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Abortion, simply by the reference of the term, can usher in heated arguments about the legal and moral consequences surrounding its existence. The divisive topic is presently not so much under a “dialogue” of debate as it is a “slanderous cacophony” yelled by sides certain of their rightness. Therefore, propaganda published by either force can be found easily, some even before the ruling of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Most especially virulent and popular are the argument based off of religion, as many yet most prominently the Catholic Church condemns the act as murder. Whether any side could be construed as correct, it is clear that the topic of abortion creates propaganda for the people to digest in numerous variations. The “public debate” on abortion emerged in “the 1970’s,” with its …show more content…
One of the key organizations of this movement if Planned Parenthood, whose existence is not merely for the action of abortions, however has become known for its assistance with women who desire to perform the operation. This type of propaganda could also be argued as moral, as pro-choice people argue about the rightness of women’s personal choices in this matter. Perhaps their foremost weapon of propaganda is “lurid,” often saddening stories of “botched illegal abortions” in the time before Roe v. Wade (1973); to emphasize that abortions occurred before they were legal, often leading to the death of women, and that with the legalization abortion has become a safe procedure that helps women’s lives. In summary, abortion happened before 1973 and if it becomes illegal again, it would still continue to occur, doubtlessly causing women to die under unsafe

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