The Legal And Illegal Immigrants Essay

1816 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 8 Pages
There is talk all around the U.S. that the legal and illegal immigrants are taking jobs for themselves and not giving Americans a chance. The main problem is most Americans in the U.S. do not want to work and complain later. I have had personal experiences with legal and illegal immigrants. There are statistics of how we need immigrants and how they are somewhat of a threat to our nation. There will always be some benefits for having immigrations come from across the border to work, nevertheless disadvantages will always be a factor when involving migrants for work. The difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants have dissimilar meanings, but then again the focused between the immigration will never change in anyway. The truth behind migrants will not be in the favor for others, although the situation might have the some inside on some people that have opinions on migrants. It is important to work with state governments to create a path for seasonal work.
For immigration, America is considered the “land of opportunity” in some cases. It has great benefits for farmers and the legal and illegal immigrates that come every year. Some come illegally to avoid being caught and deported back. The farm work that starts around the spring time gives out economic opportunities for the to make money and support their families. Most immigrates do not have to pay taxes, do not have social security, and other items that are needed to become a us…

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