The Legal And Ethical Issues Raised During Caring For That Patient

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This assignment will elaborate on a patient the writer has looked after practice sometime past. The writer will analyse some of the legal and ethical issues raised during caring for that patient. A brief background of the patient will be given, followed by discussion, highlighting some legal and ethical and issues surrounding his care and finally conclude my writings.


The writer, nurse a male patient who is about forty-five years in one of the forensic mental health hospitals (medium secure unit). The patient was under section 37/41 of the Mental Health Act, which talks about compulsory treatment by the court as well as a restriction order for treatment of the patient by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). For confidentiality, the patient will be referred to as ‘patient’ throughout my writings and more also because of the National Midwifery Council Code of conduct NMC, (2014). The patient under question for this assignment was suffering from Schizophrenia illness, diabetics and depression. He initially left with his wife before admitted into the hospital. He is very independent in all activities of daily living. The wife was very supportive and meticulous about helping the husband takes his medication at home. It got to a point where he refused to take his medication and start getting into crises such that he became violent, agitated, hostile and aggressive to his wife. The patient attempted to strangle the wife and a friend but both survived. The…

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