Essay The Legal And Ethical Issues Of Discrimination

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As an employee or an employer, discrimination in the workplace is a difficult issue to deal with, it can be complicated and misunderstood. The legal and ethical issues involved can be arduous, and extensive but is imperative to the work force. For many years I worked as a the only female in a construction supply company, but it was only recently did I personally experience the ethical and legal issue of discrimination.
For 13 years I worked for a small privately owned construction supply company, in July of 2012 the owner of the company decided to retire and sell the company to a large corporation based out of North Carolina. The sale included the employment of the three salaried salespeople, two salesmen and me, the lone saleswoman. We were informed of the acquisition and told we had to sign contracts that same morning or our employment offers would be declined by the purchasing company. All three of us signed and reported to the new office Monday morning. When I reported in I was told that I was no longer a salesperson, I was an office manager and my job was to organize the papers. Even though my past job duties included office management, purchasing and sales, I was told that my position with this company would be a
“traditional” office position and I was only to support the sales staff.
I was then introduced to the new branch manager, a male engineer from Iowa with zero experience in our field of expertise, geotextiles. On many occasions, especially team meetings or…

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