The Legal Ages Of Consent By States Legislations Essay

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Due to differences of opinion on legal ages of consent by states legislations, there is an issue concerning the basis of equality established in every case involving statutory rape laws across the United States. Since the welfare reformation of 1996, teen pregnancy was targeted as a large contribution to the issue of having many welfare recipients. Officials agreed upon the enforcement of stricter statutory rape laws with the intent to potentially frighten older men from having relations with younger women. However, establishing the laws caused for a margin of males that did not fit the typical rapist description to be persecuted as well. According to Hao and Cherlin difference-in-difference approach study, when implicated alone the reformation had a null effect on the number of teen pregnancies. (191) This showed the uselessness of the reform in the target of teen pregnancy and over time it caused an increase in the number of adolescent mothers seeking government aid in order to provide for themselves and their child, instead of potentially having a capable man in their lives as a source of financial and emotional support. There was no implication of a future reform and the damage caused was ignored. What is necessary at this time is a solution to counter the negative effects of which statutory rape laws have had on the adolescent mothers and eliminate the margin of men in which the law does not favor. Cocca’s explanation for this is due to the moral panic of having many…

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