Essay about The Legal Age Of Child Abuse

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There are many forms of child abuse, both here in the U.S., and in many third world countries. It can be argued that one of these third will counties, where child abuse can be seen is India. One form of child abuse commonly practiced in India, is known as “child marriages”, which is a common practice in India, “Presently in India, the legal age for Hindu marriages is set at twenty-one for men and eighteen for women.”. (Francavilla) It is true that there is a legal age for marriage, but that does not stop citizens of India for marrying off children, who are not of legal age. Throughout India’s history, “underage marriages have been practiced and legitimated in legal history”. (Francavilla) There are many issues surrounding the legal age of marriage, for instance, what determines the legal age and well as lack of a unified legal age across the nation.

There is a conflicting idea between what should determine the legal age for marriage. Those ideas being, the age a child reaches puberty and the age a child can give consent “the attainment of the pubertal age, which is connected to sexuality and pregnancy, and the attainment of the age of consent, which is connected to individual choice.”. (Francavilla) Both the U.S and India are in somewhat of agreement making the legal age eighteen, expect twenty-one in the case of men in India. The belief held in the U.S. pertaining to child marriage is that “child marriage is widely acknowledged to be harmful sociocultural practice that is…

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