The Legacy Of World War I Essay

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World War I is perhaps the most pivotal moment in the past century because it caused a sort of domino effect for the events which would proceed this brutal and costly disruptance, and all it took was one bullet. It wasn’t until 1917 when America officially declared their entrance into the war because Woodrow Wilson and his administration feared that the American people would not support them in their decision. Their fear was not wrongly placed, Wilson had been preaching for a long time that the U.S. would remain a neutral nation during the war, and Americans had praised him for claims, so to suddenly flip his perspective may be jarring. They also faced the reality that approximately 4.27 million American citizens at the time were of Germanic descent and no one was sure as to how these people would react to the idea of America declaring war on their nation. Wilson was tasked with figuring out a solution to homogenize pluralistic America, thus the Committee of Public Information was created. Although the Committee of Public Information approved of thousands of propaganda media ranging from posters to songs, one in particular stood out to me, the “Bachelor of Atrocities.” Obviously, being a college student this one peaks my interest the most simply because it is directed toward an audience similar to the one I am a part of now. The photo depicts what I can only imagine to be as the German Army marching upon a college campus, whether that campus is the University of Louvain…

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