Essay on The Legacy Of Thomas Jefferson

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The legacy of Thomas Jefferson is one which had set the stage for the Unites States government and the manner in which the procession of politics was conducted. His prominence in American history is matched by his willingness and dedication towards ensuring the success and stability of the fledgling nation. The issue many opponents of Thomas Jefferson hold against him was his inability or willingness to take a stance and stick with it, often acquiescing to demands of his political adversaries. Supporters of Thomas Jefferson state his actions were necessary for the proper facilitation and stability in the critical, early years of the American Democratic process. Thomas Jefferson’s role and impact on American politics set certain standards and precedents of how American Democracy may be carried out and implemented regardless of whether he could be defined or identified as a political compromiser. Professor Morton Borden is of the notion Thomas Jefferson was a political compromiser, his efforts and stances were dedicated towards easing the tensions developed between both of the parties at the time, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans. In direct opposition to the idea of Thomas Jefferson acting as a political compromiser, Lance Banning stated Jefferson acted in this manner to garner popularity and merely appease those whose influence rivaled his. The nature of Thomas Jefferson made him very finesse in building and strengthening relationships, keeping unity among…

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