The Legacy Of The Schindler Family Essay

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Slavery Connection In beginning this research into the depths of my family, I was unsure about where most of my heritage originated. While I did not know truly the lengths of my family history, I felt strongly that I did not have negative connections to slavery. However, in looking further into my family I soon discovered that there was a dark past to uncover. When I began researching I started on my mother’s side, extending from the Schindlers’ and Parents’. In starting with this side of the family, I received the results that I had originally assumed. The extension of the Schindler family does not have much history in the United States. While there is some roots from this side of the family in the United States, it appears that this side of the family was affluent and emigrated from Germany in the late 1800s and early 1900s. My family members from the Parents’ side had similar backgrounds in affluence judging from their means of living and transportation from Ireland in the early 1900s. Both of these countries of which my ancestors originated from, while they did not directly have slaves there were connections during this time period to the culture of slavery and other important components.
While America had easily one of the largest investments in slavery, there were other countries that had ties to slavery and the culture in some ways. A country of which my bloodline traces back to is Germany. The concept of slavery had somewhat died out in this culture after the…

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