Essay on The Legacy Of The Renaissance

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Around the 1400’s and 1500’s, Western Europe experienced a rebirth of classical learning and values. Due to this rebirth, this time period was considered as the “Renaissance.” The term Renaissance comes from an italian word “rinascita” which actually means rebirth. Many historians believe that the famous Black Death was a contribution to the Renaissance. Around the year of 1347, rats infested with fleas carrying bubonic plague arrived on the Island of Sicily. Within weeks and months, the disease spread and spread to many cities nearby like Venice and Pisa. This horrible and terrifying disease caused around twenty five to forty million deaths in the 14th century. Many historians believe that after this tragedy, it was time for a new start or a rebirth.
The Early Renaissance was considered to be the era of the individual. Around the 1330s, the poet and scholar Petrarch had conceived of a new humanism. This humanism was a belief in unique values of each person or individual. Petrarch believed that individuals should be judged on their actions, not by God’s will. He believed it was not God’s will that determined who they were and and what they were capable of, rather, glory and fame were available to anyone who dared to seize them.
In the Early Renaissance, northern painters developed oil paint in the first half of the fourteenth century. With oil paint, painters were able to achieve much more dazzling effects of light on the surface of the painting. These effects recall the…

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