The Legacy Of The Korean War Essay

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Death is always creeping around the corner when there is war. Since the beginning of time, the American people have dealt with death in the battlefield. Past wars have killed millions of our American men and women in uniform. Whether American soldiers fought in a war on American soil or in a war on foreign soil, they all deserve to be remembered. Memorials are built in order to continue the remembrance of a person or group of people even after death. In America, there are numerous public memorials on display in honor of our past and present veterans who died in battle. The Korean War Veterans Memorial site in Washington, D.C. is one of them. It was dedicated to over one million American men and women who served and were killed in the Korean War. The Korean War was a war that American soldiers fought half way around the world on Korean soil. North Korea launched an attack on South Korea a few years later, after America ended World War II. In order to show support of the world’s democracies, America ordered troops to go join those already stationed in South Korea. The Korean War Veterans Memorial site represents the history of the war, gives people a place to reflect on the experiences the American soldiers faced on Ground in Korea, and allows us to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for peace and freedom. The history behind any war should never be forgotten because it serves an importance between Americas past and present. “The war memorial, then, serves as a…

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