The Legacy Of The Jefferson Memorial Essay

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The Jefferson Memorial is located on the south bank of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.. From the Jefferson Memorial, there is a direct view of the White House. This was an intentional part of the construction as instructed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who wanted to be able to see the memorial from the residence, trees were removed to create a clear line of vision from the White House to the Jefferson Memorial.

In 1934, President Roosevelt personally contacted the Commission of Fine Arts about creating a memorial for Thomas Jefferson, who FDR considered to be one of his heroes. In addition to FDR’s for the memorial, New York Congressman John J. Boylan, also campaigned for the creation of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission. Congressman Boylan was appointed as chairman, and managed to get Congress to give $3 million for the project.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission was created to direct construction of a memorial to Thomas Jefferson as an Act of Congress and was approved in June 1934. The location of the Tidal Basin was selected in 1937 after some debate. Since 1943, it has been more than a monument to our third president, it has been a place where many ceremonies such as Memorial exercise and the Cherry Blossom Festival have taken place at the Jefferson Memorial. As is the case with other memorials preceding and succeeding the construction of the Jefferson Memorial, there was controversy surrounding it. One controversy centered around its…

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