The Legacy Of The Civil War Essay

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In two CBS interviews in August 2015 entitled: Charleston shooting a chance to "reexamine history” and 150 years after The Civil War, America is not post-racial; renowned documentary filmmaker Ken Burns discusses racism, slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and freedom. Using primary sources as the foundations for his arguments, Burns dismantles the false perception many individuals have regarding the Confederate flag and the Civil War as a result of the Charleston tragedy. It is evident, as Burns expanded on the main theme of his interview entitled 150 years after The Civil War, America is not post-racial individual freedom remains in opposition to collective freedom, as that states’ rights versus the government still remains today in places such as South Carolina.
Burns emphasizes in 150 Years After the Civil War that the Civil War occurred primarily over the issue of slavery and America is not post-racial. Burns continues by stating that “we 've grown up in a country with a lot of powerful symbols of the Civil War in popular culture that would be 'Birth of a Nation, ' D.W. Griffiths ' classic, and 'Gone with the Wind, ' of course” (Burns, Personal Interview, 23 August 2015). These symbols are a result of the Lost Cause Movement, which was created after the Civil War by mourning women who lost their loved ones in battle (Dennis, lecture notes). These films are saturated with lies and inaccuracy regarding slavery (Dennis, lecture notes). In these works, slavery is romanticized and…

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