The Legacy Of The Civil War Essay

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This course began with many American states in ruins as a result of the Civil War, fiscal irresponsibility, etc. Within less than a generation, the nation saw unheard of prosperity and affluence. Yet, it could be argued that America’s prosperity was built upon the inequality of wealth, the exploitation of its citizens, and governmental policies that benefited the wealthy rather than the average citizen. Using primary sources, support or contradict this argument making sure to address individuals, groups, and institutions between 1865 and 1915.
The civil war itself saw many controversies and events throughout itself that the Civil War is called a most pivotal event in history. 1865 and 1915 was a large timeframe to be exact fifty years; for many events to happen. It is one major cause of America coming together because it shows that it literally fell apart and built itself back up into a major country. Prosperity and affluence were only a tip of the iceberg of the problems this country had with itself in homeland farming with crops and meat markets for butchers cut down animals in meat packing factories. Presidents in this period had many of the same problems; for example, President Lincoln, President Johnson and Rutherford B. Hayes who was the republican out of Ohio. He himself had a major event besides the civil war. He had he emancipation proclamation where several slaves in the states were released and set free to do with as they will in this country.

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