The Legacy Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War was one of the greatest catastrophes that happened in America. For years the debate of abolishing slavery led the Northern abolitionists and Southern proslavery plantation owners to collide head on with each other. After the Civil War the nation suffered greatly in social and economic departments. America was moving downward as a nation. Many of the nation’s leaders tried to rebuild the nation as a whole which began the reconstruction period. Reconstruction was hard to accomplish because slavery was still a big issue that people disagreed on. The task seemed to be impossible even with the laws that were passed concerning slavery. It was as if the nation would never become united again. While Congress was passing laws and amendments to help protect the rights of African Americans, the South was still trying to promote slavery and still looked at them as a lesser race. Reconstruction did not work because most of the actions that were taken to give blacks equal rights were unsuccessful, which in then created the beginning of the Ku Klux Kan. Although Reconstruction failed, it was not a complete failure for the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was passed to protect all citizens of their civil and legal rights. Congress wanted to punish the south for all the damaged they caused by giving Afrian Americans equal rights. Congress came up with Freedmen’s Beauro Act, which was an act to provide protection of blacks rights and to help watch over racism in the south. In 1866,…

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