Essay about The Legacy Of The Antebellum Period

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Slavery has been one of the most talked about subjects in history. It is a significantly important in our history. The Antebellum period was known for many reform movements. Slavery supported the economy of the United States, the nation went from underdeveloped farmers to becoming a driving force financially. It influenced important leaders, which eventually lead to war. The most important cause of war were state rights versus federal rights. These disagreements made it inevitable for conflict to ensue. The federal government and the state government made it even more possible for the nation to divide. The federal government had the power to discuss bills and proposal for new laws. The state government had to do with policing, education, and health care. The federal government wanted to abolish slavery, but the southern states disagreed. The southern states believed that it was the way of life and the state should be able to make their own decisions. The Manifest Destiny was one of the first beliefs of expanding America. The manifest destiny was the beginning of what they believed would bring lot of income. John L. O’Sullivan coined the phrase he believed that this would transport its value and civilization westward. The manifest destiny was part of the cause of the civil war. Many Americans supported the belief of the Manifest Destiny. Since they had believed it was their God given right to move westward, it lead to free soilers who demanded that the land remained…

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