The Legacy Of The American Revolution Essay

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It is natural to take the world around us for granted. We assume that the things we grow up with are new concepts and ideas, but we must take the time to delve deeper into history to realize that every “new” thing can be attributed to an older thing. It is difficult to see the nuances in history, and to connect them to more recent developments. The pyramids weren’t built in a single day, and neither was the concept of democracy in the American revolution. Everything builds on something previous. The legacies of the past have a lasting effect on the world today. Religion, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment all were the basis of progress in the world, such as the United States’ government, the Egyptian revolution, and the scientific prowess of the world.

Religion has been a pillar of our society for thousands of years. It is the root of conflict, decisions, revolutions, and much more. It has left a lasting legacy on all cultures in the world. Once specific place is in the Middle East. Religion is the root of most conflicts there. For example, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is a legacy left by religion. The Israelis (Jews) and the Palestinians (Muslims) are caught in a conflict that is a hundred years old. While the conflict sprang up from the Israelis intruding into Palestine, religion is what still fuels the fire. The only thing that separates these people now is their beliefs, which were formed centuries ago. Another example involving Muslims is the…

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