The Legacy Of The American Civil War Essay

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The American civil war was a time of severe devastation. Pinning “brother vs brother”, this war destroyed not only the country’s landscape but also the relationships amongst many. However, from the ashes of this destruction rose heroes willing to fight for what they believed in; freedom. One of these heroes was a man named Newt Knight. Newt was a man who defended his beliefs till the very end, this being said he did not support the beliefs of those for whom he had been forced to fight. With his devout beliefs never ceasing, he managed to flee the constraints of a military draft and form an army of his own to fight for what was truly right. This army consisted of fellow townspeople from Jones county as well as escaped slaves. Their dedication to resist the corrupt practices of the confederate army and fight for themselves and for those who shared their beliefs was matched by that of Newt Knight as their leader. The story of Newt Knight and his role within our nation’s history is truly amazing, perhaps it was, for this reason, a film was made to share his story with our modern society. With the technology available to Hollywood studios and other forms of media, they have the capability to put a viewer in the action of historical events such as the civil war. In the case of The Free State of Jones, history was recreated so literally that it was truly awe inspiring. While viewing this film, the audience finds themselves showing empathy from start to finish. From the gore and…

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